Sync API

Basic Sync API


The API URL is /service/gateway/sync, and the only acceptable method is POST.

Fields of POST

  • fb_token: a token to control the data of a account; if current use is login, this parameter is not required, but usually you need to call function need_admin at the first.
  • push_to_cloud: if the fb_token parameter is used, and this value is true ( default value is false), then the file will sync to Dropbox immediately. If fb_token is not used, push_to_cloud will always to be true.
  • path: the file path. If user is login and is owner, the path is relative to current site; otherwise, relative to the root direcotry FarBox.
  • is_deleted: if true, means to delete this file. If only one field in POST, and the field is path, it also means is_deleted=true.
  • is_dir: if true, means current path is a direcotry.
  • raw_content: the raw content of the file.
  • base64: equal to raw_content, but accept the content in base64 format.
  • file: euqal to raw_content when using multipart/form-data to upload a file.

Code Snippet

Make sure current login user is the owner of the site

        path: 'this-is-a-test.txt',
        raw_content: 'post content'

After calling this code, a new file (this-is-a-test.txt) whose content is post content will be added in a site folder of yours.


  • except field path,other fields are provided on demand.
  • if push_to_cloud is not set, the file won't sync to Dropbox, and its live time in FarBox is 2 hours.
  • the priority of geting a file raw content from these fields: file > raw_content > base64 .
  • if your interaction is very complicated, maybe guid your user go to Dropbox (or his/her computer ) to operate is a better way.
  • only when current login user is owner, the action of deleting a file will sync to Dropbox.

Public Sync API

This API is working on Basic Sync API, but it allows other accounts even a anonymous account to push data to your site and your Dropbox.
Make sure the site config of sync_by_3rd is yes; if you want anonymous accounts to push data, the site config of sync_by_3rd_public also should be yes.


The API URL is /service/gateway/sync_3rd, and the only acceptable method is POST.

Allot Space Automatically

Every time accepted a file incoming, the system will compute a filepath to store it automatically, and the path is always under the directory named share.

You can also declare a subfolder name under share, if not, the default value is default. Then the filepath will be like <subfolder>/year/year-month/year-month-day hour-minutes-seconds.

If current user has the permission to edit the file, please declare the path field in POST.

How can other acount edit a file? If metadata.account_id of a document is equal to the account_id of current login account, editing is allowed.

Fields of POST

  • fb_token: not required
  • push_to_cloud: not required, always be true
  • path: not required, declare it on demand
  • is_deleted: not allowed
  • is_dir: not allowed
  • folder_3rd: specify a subfolder, default value is default
  • ext_3rd: suffix of a file, default value is txt
  • raw_content、base64、file: same usages to Basic Sync API


Basic Sync API

  • less than 2,000 times per 10 minutes per account
  • less than 5,000 times per hour per account
  • less than 25,000 times per day per account

Public Sync API

  • less than 5 times per 10 minutes per account
  • less than 2 times per 10 minutes per IP for anonymous account
  • less than 300 times per 10 minutes per site