Realtime API

Summary For Realtime API

Realtime API needs the Websocket's connection that Chrome、FireFox、Safari、IE>10 .etc support.

Some notices about FarBox Realtime API:

  1. No data transferred through a connection in 60 minutes, the connection will be closed;
  2. A connection lasts no more than 24 hours.
  3. Avoid to build connections too often; if the server think you are attacking the API, it will block your IP.

File Changed Notification API

When a file in your site folder was changed, the Websocket of visitors' browser would receive a notification.
FarBox just pushed the event that includes some information about a file, if more details needed, you should use other Template API to get them.

API URL: ws://; If current site is under HTTPS, using wws: instead of ws:.


  • One file change is related to only one notification.
  • Must use the API in your current site, otherwise, no data transferred through the Websocket.

Code snippet

The snippet is in CoffeeScipt, and is the strings in JSON format.

if WebSocket? and JSON?
    if document.location.protocol == 'https:' then ws_protocl='wss:' else ws_protocl='ws:'
    ws_url = ws_protocl+''
    socket = new WebSocket(ws_url)
    socket.onmessage = (message)->
        note = JSON.parse(

Fields of Notification

Field Description
site_id --
path changed file's path (relative to site folder)
doc_type like post/image/template
is_deleted is the file deleted or not
date event date, integer type

AutoReload Mode

AutoReload mode means when template files (html/jade/css/scss/js/les) are changed, the webpage will be re-rendered or autoreloaded.

It is a great friend-feature to developers, it goes without other tools.

And you can modify the template file to replace /template/js/autoreload.js to custom your own AutoReload feature.

The config of autoreload, refers here.