Post Configs

Use {{ doc.metadata }} to get the configs of a post.

Special Note: if the filename of a post is index.txt, the configs will be transferred to the document of its parent folder.

For example, the content of folder/index.txt is:

title: folder_title
position: 1
date: 2013-12-11

description here

Then the document whose path is folder/, these properties {{doc.title}} {{ doc.position}} {{}} {{ doc.content }} {{ doc.raw_content }} on it will be updated.


If {{doc.metadata.title}} exists, {{doc.title}} will be equal to it.

If it is not declared, {{ doc.title }} will get from the first H1 tag of content or the filename of the post.


If {{}} exists, {{}} will be equal to it.

If date is not declared, system will try to get date by these rules:

  1. filename like 2012-12-12 Title.txt has a date 2012-12-12;
  2. the last modified date will be the date of the post


If {{doc.metadata.position}} exists, {{doc.position}} will be equal to it.

When calling get_data, position is a special value (sort='position') to sort the records.

Besides in metadata, you can declare position by the filename. For example, 1.2 my article.txt or 1.3 my other tiltes, has position 1.2 or 1.3. The blank space is a character to split position and normal title.


Default value is public.

It can be any characters less than 20 letters.

Besides, the rule base on root direcotry has a higher priority, for example, in site_foder/_draft, the _draft is a root direcotry and starts with _, then the system will mark the status of posts under this directory as draft. And so on, if under _system, the status is system.


If there are multi-headers(H1、H2、H3 .etc) in a post, the toc config can control show the table of contents or not in the main body of the post.

The toc config of a post has a higher priority to the toc config of the site.

Accept: yes/no


A field to custom the url path for a post.

The value will be stored in {{doc.url_path}}.


An extra field for fulltext search, this is a field to search.


An extra field for fulltext search, this is a field for sorting.