Mechanism and Limits

Files Supports and Limits

File Types FarBox Supports

Type Suffix
image bmp gif jpeg png pjpeg tiff
frontend resources css html htm js json ico xml swf less sass scss
compressed file zip tar gz rar 7z
document pdf txt config cvs
fonts woff ttf otf eot


Type Description
hidden files ignore, /. in a path or path endswith~
max file size 15Mb, if exceed then ignore
post (article) less than 3Mb, if exceed then ignore. and only pick the first 500,000 bytes
HTML related files less than 3Mb, if exceed then ignore
template resources less than 500Kb,if exceed then ignore
folders in template ignore
tempalte files count less than 200, if exceed then ignore

HTML related files include a file with these suffixes: html htm css js json swf xml less sass scss

Sync Mechanism

Sync with Dropbox

  1. FarBox keep syncing from Dropbox in realtime.
  2. FarBox also try to sync from Dropbox again every 10 minutes per account.

Sync to FarBox

Using FarBox API to store a file, the file will sync to Dropbox too. And there will be a notification to be pushed to the connections from websocket.